Gaia’s Garden – A Priceless Permaculture Reference

Gaia's Garden

I absolutely love my garden. My passion began as I felt a growing need to produce everything I possibly could on my own property to reduce our dependence on outside sources. Our ultimate goal is to be able to survive … Continue reading

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Ebola at Your Door? Review Our Pandemic Preps Checklist

Ebola at Your Door?

The threat of an Ebola outbreak in the United States appears to be a real possibility. It is time to check your preparations and ensure that everything is in order. How do you prepare for a pandemic anyway? Ebola has … Continue reading

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Get Ready for Ebola


The Centers for Disease Control recently released a checklist to help hospitals detect, protect and respond to Ebola patients. While Ebola does not currently present a threat in the United States, an Ebola outbreak could be devastating to our population. … Continue reading

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