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Seed Saving – A Critical Sustainable Living Skill

Every year I drool over seed catalogs as I plan my next garden. My favorite catalog is Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I’m like a kid at Christmas when it arrives. They will send you a free catalog just go to I spend hours perusing the pages looking at the rare, non-GMO, heirloom seed collections […]

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Canned Heat Storage - Copyright Your Family Ark LLC

Canned Heat – Safe Fuel for Indoor Emergency Cooking

Cooking during a power outage can be a bit challenging. In our emergency cooking classes, we present a wide variety of options for powerless cooking, most of which must be used outdoors. It is important to be able to cook both indoors and outdoors. Think about it, are you going to want to cook using […]

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Gaia's Garden

Gaia’s Garden – A Priceless Permaculture Reference

I absolutely love my garden. My passion began as I felt a growing need to produce everything I possibly could on my own property to reduce our dependence on outside sources. Our ultimate goal is to be able to survive off of what we can produce ourselves. That being said, I can’t grow chocolate … […]

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Faith Behind the Fences

History – The Master Teacher

The library shelves are quickly filling with prepper fiction books which quite effectively scare you into prepping or make you think all preppers are insane. The books dramatize the need to prepare, challenges that lie ahead, and deadly adventures with everything from a zombie apocalypse to surviving the complete collapse of society. I’ve read several […]

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Ebola at Your Door?

Ebola at Your Door? Review Our Pandemic Preps Checklist

The threat of an Ebola outbreak in the United States appears to be a real possibility. It is time to check your preparations and ensure that everything is in order. How do you prepare for a pandemic anyway? Ebola has a very high mortality rate. Your best chance of surviving is to avoid the virus […]

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Could Your Dog Carry Ebola?

Ebola – Transmission by Dogs, Cockroaches, and Mosquitoes?

Is it possible that your family dog could spread Ebola? How about an annoying mosquito or cockroach?I came across this very interesting article on Ebola safety precautions and possible methods of transmission this morning. The author expresses some unique observations that might be worth considering as you prepare for the possibility of a deadly epidemic. The […]

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Turkey in a Global Sun Oven - Copyright Your Family Ark LLC

Solar Cooking – Clean, Abundant, Free Energy

A solar oven uses the power of the sun to cook. In our climate, that means that the majority of days we can cook our meals outside without using additional energy, saving our precious fuel storage. Overcast days may decrease the temperature of the oven and, in turn, increase cooking time. Solar energy is a […]

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Spaghetti Baby Copyright Your Family Ark LLC

Emergency Sanitation for Our Little Loved Ones

Are you ready for an emergency without running water with your little one? Adults can get by with less water for hygiene purposes, but not so with our youngest friends. Babies definitely fall into the “special needs” category when planning for emergencies. They are dependent upon caregivers for survival. The young are more at risk […]

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Get Ready for Ebola

The Centers for Disease Control recently released a checklist to help hospitals detect, protect and respond to Ebola patients. While Ebola does not currently present a threat in the United States, an Ebola outbreak could be devastating to our population. There is no cure or vaccine and the death rate is extremely high. The best […]

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Charcoal - Copyright Your Family Ark LLC

Charcoal – The Biggest Bang for Your Fuel Buck

When it comes to storage fuels, charcoal is one of safest and least expensive options. Charcoal briquettes burn very hot and are easily managed to distribute heat evenly. The one drawback is that they produce large amounts of carbon monoxide (a deadly gas) and should never be used indoors or in a garage where fumes […]

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