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Amazing Food Storage Find

We believe that every home should have a supply of food to last them through tough times. Tough times might come in the form of a short term interruption of income or longer term economic crisis. We live in a time when food is abundant and relatively cheap. However, our food system is fragile and […]

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Prepare 2015 – December Goal – Give Gifts That Make a Difference

Our family finds great peace in our family food stores. We are not completely dependent upon stocked grocery store shelves to provide for our daily needs. If we had a personal financial crisis or if the store shelves were empty, our family has the supplies we need to sustain ourselves for a time until things […]

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Prepare 2015 – $20 and 15 Minutes – September Goal

Do you know how to treat this? Do you have the supplies at home to take care of someone you love if they suddenly look like this ? Simple over-the-counter medications can treat many of life’s minor medical problems such as these unexplained hives. Cynthia J. Koelker, MD, the author of the book Armageddon Medicine, is […]

2015 Preparedness Challenge

Prepare 2015 – July Homework

Water is critical to survival. It is important to understand how to disinfect water in the event your water source is contaminated. Calcium hypochlorite is a great way to disinfect water because it has a 10 year plus shelf life as compared with liquid bleach which has a 6 month shelf life. It can also […]


Doctor Prepper Interviews Jonathan and Kylene Jones

Doctor Prepper interviews Kylene and Jonathan Jones––and you will discover they are not your normal urban family! They are all about educating real people and helping families prepare in realistic ways. They provide the physical, emotional, and mental tools and skills that you may need to not only survive, but thrive in a crisis situation. […]

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Prepare 2015 – $20 and 15 Minutes – May Goal

Spring brings with it new energy and life. I hope that you are keeping up with us and have planted your bare root stock, purchased garden seed and planned it out. There is great joy in spending time outdoors and watching the beauty of nature unfold. This month we are going to change directions a […]

Most Problems are Easy to Solve – Just Get Off the Escalator

Learned helplessness is a dangerous trend in our society. Take a minute and watch this absolutely absurd video. It demonstrates an important principle. Most problems are easy to solve. Just get off the elevator. When disaster strikes are you going to be standing around waiting for FEMA to come rescue you? Just like the escalator […]

2015 Preparedness Challenge

Prepare 2015 – $20 and 15 Minutes – April Goal

Spring has brought with it new energy and a beautiful new beginning. We have some challenging times ahead of us, but there is great reason to celebrate and look forward to a bright future. Producing your own food provides food security in times of economic challenges and increases overall health. Last month’s goal included planting bare […]