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  • Thank you for your great class at the prep fair at UVU last month. I took notes on the “pool shock” recipe for cleaning gallons of water.

    Should it be used in laundry or is it too tough on fabrics? I know at the end of a swim season my swimsuit has lost its elasticity. So is vinegar the preferred disinfectant in the final rinse.

    I am trying to figure out how much to buy. thanks. I hope to hear from you.

  • Hi Christine … glad to see you are making great progress! Calcium hypochlorite is a really strong disinfectant. You could make a 5 percent stock solution and use it to disinfect laundry, however, I would probably use the standard bleaches in my everyday laundry because they have whiteners and brighteners. Chlorine is always a little tough on fabrics so if you are only looking for a disinfectant vinegar just might be a great choice for delicate fabrics. It is important to store calcium hypochlorite carefully. It has a 10 year plus shelf life and a one pound bag will treat over 10,000 gallons of water. Considering the need to disinfect surfaces and laundry during an emergency a few one pound bags is enough for my family. I would NOT purchase a 25 pound bucket for emergency preparedness. The risks associated with the chemical is such a large quantity is too great for my purposes. That’s just me … you need to decide what is best for your family. Thanks for being part of the solution!

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