Why Store Fuel?

It is a cold winter day. A winter storm has knocked out the power and officials say it may be days or even weeks before it is restored. What would you do? Are you ready?

Where will you be when the power goes out? How will you cook your food? Heat your home?
Where will you be when the power goes out? How will you cook your food? Heat your home? Light your way?

Fuel is an important consideration in our quest to become prepared. We need to be able to heat our homes, cook our food, and power vital equipment. It requires some education to understand possible fuel options, how to safely use them, and how to store them appropriately. We cannot stress enough the importance of using wisdom in your use and storage of fuels! Place the safety of your loved ones at the very top of your list. Be wise (don’t do stupid things)! Never store any flammable or combustible fuel in any building that you can’t afford to have burn down!

We originally thought it would be impossible to store enough fuel to live without power in our home. However, we took the challenge and learned that it is possible to safely store enough fuel to meet your basic needs for several weeks, months or even an entire year. It requires education, planning, practice, and diligence. It can be done safely and cost effectively.

We challenge you to begin by evaluating the needs of your family. Browse The Provident Prepper and you will find a wealth of information on fuel storage. Search reliable sites on the internet for good information. Education is critical to safe storage and handling of fuels.

Be creative and come up with a plan to store (and regularly rotate) a reasonable supply of fuel for your family. Evaluate your possible risks. How long could you possibly be without power? Set realistic goals and make steady progress.

Purchase and mount quality fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors, and smoke alarms in your home. Make safety your first consideration!

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