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Emergency Water: 17 Potential Sources

A sudden disruption of our safe, municipal drinking water supplies may be caused by numerous events. Water is a basic necessity for human survival. Have you considered where you may be able to obtain safe drinking water when disaster strikes? Stored water is always...

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Surviving a Winter Power Outage – How to Stay Warm

A cozy warm home in the freezing winter temperatures is not only inviting, but can literally save your life. What would you do if your electricity and natural gas were to be suddenly disrupted in the dead of winter? We turned off our electricity in January so we could...

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Emergency Cooking: 12 Family Favorites

A wildfire is blazing just over the mountain from us and many citizens are under evacuation and pre-evacuation orders. A disaster threatening just around the corner motivated me to check our emergency preparations to make sure we are ready for any emergency. How will...

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