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Bug Out or Bug In—How to Know When to Go (or Stay)

We received an email from a prepper friend of ours who was in the path of an oncoming hurricane. He was struggling with the decision of whether or not he should evacuate with his wife and newborn son. In these situations, there are so many variables that it is...

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Prepper Home Pharmacy: The Best Medications to Stockpile

A well-stocked prepper home pharmacy ensures that you will not need to run out to the store to purchase a medication when you are feeling under the weather or when it may not be safe to venture out. Consult your medical provider to determine exactly what medications...

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How to Avoid Rookie Prepper Mistakes

Dave, one of our favorite YouTube viewers, recently commented about the dangerous mistakes that well-meaning preppers make as a result of ignorance. Some people believe whatever they read or watch without taking the time to investigate the facts. There is a lot of...

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