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Ingenious Places to Store Your Emergency Food Supply

The food you have stored in your home is one of your most valuable assets. However, finding room to properly store that food can be quite challenging. Many apartments and homes are just not storage friendly. Where can I find space to store my emergency or survival...

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3 Months Supply of Food: Amazing Peace of Mind

The provident lifestyle includes living within our means, working hard, being content with what we have, diligently saving and preparing for rainy-day emergencies. We have found great joy and peace as have chosen to live providently. One important aspect of living...

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Food Storage: How Old is Too Old?

Your stored foods may be safe to eat much longer than you might think. One excuse we frequently hear for not storing food for emergencies is that the food gets too old before they get around to using it, so they throw it out. Food is an incredibly wise investment,...

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14 Emergency Kits to Help You Dominate Disaster

Daily life is full of mini disasters that might be easily remedied with a little advance planning. It is not always a huge natural disaster that may rock your world. Sometimes it might be just a flat tire in bad weather or a child with a nasty cut at the playground,...

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