3V Gear’s Outlaw II Gear Slinger Pack Review

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The 3V Gear Company produces the Outlaw II Gear Slinger Pack. When they contacted us and asked us to review the Outlaw II, I was excited to do so. 3V Gear sent an Outlaw II to us as well as to Beth Lestico, one of our team members. We thought that you might appreciate contrasting evaluations of the pack; a male urban prepper and a female outdoor enthusiast.

We’ve combined the comments into one article. Jonathan’s responses are in the standard block font and Beth’s are in italic. We have received no compensation for this review other than the complementary Outlaw II Gear Slinger Packs. That is the best way for us to ensure that you get an honest review.

3V Gear Company

First, a bit about the company. Why 3V? 3V stands for Veni Vedi Veci, a fairly famous phrase attributed to the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. This phrase roughly means I came, I saw, I conquered. As far as company names go, I think it’s pretty cool. But, as we all know, a “pretty cool” name doesn’t mean much unless it is backed up by great products.

As I look at their product line, I like what I see. However, for this review, I will be focused only on the Outlaw II.

First Impressions of the Outlaw II Gear Slinger Pack

The ability to carry important items and access them easily is an important feature for everyone, and especially a prepper. It is always a balance to find a bag that will provide adequate room for what you need, yet be compact and easy enough to carry to make it convenient.

I had planned a cruise with my mom and siblings and determined that this would be a great opportunity to give this pack a thorough workout. So, what do I like about this pack? To be honest…A Lot!

I really like the size of this bag. It is a bit smaller than the bag that I have used for many years, but that is good. Being just a bit more compact worked well for me. I still got everything I wanted in there, but more compactly.

Right Size for a Personal Item on Commercial Airlines

I really like using it as my personal item on my flights. Big enough to have everything I needed, yet small enough to easily fit under the seat in front of me.

When I first opened up the pack my first impression was that it was nicely put together. This bag isn’t going to provide you the space needed for a weekend backpacking trip but it is a fantastic size for a day trip or for an EDC pack. Its compact has lots of versatility and is of good quality.

Popular Sling Bag Style

I liked the sling bag style. Yes, I am usually a bit behind the times, so I had not used a sling-style bag, and I wasn’t sure that I would like it. But like Mikey on the old Life Cereal commercials…”He likes it”! When using my old backpack, I would usually hang just one strap on my shoulder anyway, unless I was pretty loaded up and going a long way. This sling-style carried well and made accessing what I needed easier…I am a fan!

The first notable feature of the pack is the sling design. I didn’t know if I was going to like this feature but it is actually quite nice. I have a lot of different sizes and styles of packs but none that offer the sling design. I found it to be very comfortable and it allows me to easily access the contents in the pack without removing it. I can just rotate it around my body while still on and access the multiple compartments.

This is a nice feature because you can access all of your gear without having to stop, remove the pack, and heft it back into place before you can carry on with your adventure. It allows you the ability to keep the pack off of the damp/snowy ground, keeping you dryer.

It is also nice for hunting because often when you remove your pack you inevitably have buckles that clank together while removing your pack which is not optimal when you are trying to be silent and undetected.

It allows you quick access to your binoculars and other equipment without requiring excess movement which can hinder your objective. In a spot and stalk situation, silence and minimal movement is vital and this is a design that accommodates those requirements.

MOLLE and PALS Compatibility

I really like the “MOLLE” feature. For those of you not familiar with “MOLLE” (pronounced like the name, Molly), it stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment. This system uses what is known as “PALS” or the Pouch Attachment Ladder System.

The Outlaw II has PALS webbing on the exterior face and one side, allowing you to add a whole variety of pouches that might include a first aid kit, water, weapon, tech gadgets, and all kinds of other options. It is a very flexible way to take more or less, depending on your needs at the time.

The pack features a hook and loop design on the exterior. This allows lots of opportunities to customize the bag and add external components. You can even add some camouflage material such as is on a ghillie suit to help break up your silhouette more, which is a nice option.

Water Bottle Pocket and Hydration Compatible

The Outlaw II has a side water bottle compartment and is hydration ready so you can use a water bladder. I like the flexibility!

It offers a compartment to add a hydration pack and a hole for the hydration tube. The hydration pack is not included but can be purchased separately if you desire. It allows for hands-free hydration as well as the ability to easily carry extra water without giving up much space.

CCW Accessory Compatible

The Outlaw II main compartment and hydration sleeve are both compatible with CCW accessories.

Interior Pockets

Interior pockets include spaces large enough for a laptop or tablet, in addition to papers, maps, books, passport, etc. One set of pockets is dedicated to smaller items including pencils, pens, water filter straw, and assorted other things.

The Outlaw II has a nice balance of small storage compartments and larger space for your bulkier items.

Exterior Pockets

The 3 exterior pockets provide quick access to a whole variety of items. The pockets are roomy and can be accessed in the upright or horizontal positions.

I really like having the ability to slide the sling bag around to get things I need, as opposed to having to remove a backpack. It was much easier and felt more secure. In a couple of areas, I preferred to carry the bag on my shoulder, but in front. Again, it just felt a bit more secure to me.

Neoprene Padded Top and Side Handles

In addition to the sling strap, there is a handle on top and one on the side that allows it to be hand-carried in either the vertical or horizontal orientation. There is also a coat rack loop at the top for hanging the bag.

The pack offers multiple grab handles that are conveniently positioned on both the top and side of the bag. They are well padded and nicely affixed to the bag. I think they will hold up very well even with heavy use.

Molded EVA Vented Back Panel

I really loved the back padding. As you can see the padding bears the logo of the company, which also creates air spaces that keep sweaty back to a minimum…nicely done!

Its length sat nicely into the small of my back which was very comfortable. The back panel is well padded and allowed us to place some tools within it and I had no issues with those items poking me in the back.

Shoulder Strap

The shoulder strap is nicely padded and quite comfortable to wear. There is a stabilizer strap with a buckle that can be used to secure the strap more firmly and it really makes the pack nicely seated in place.

I trialed this pack when we headed out on our snowmobile to cut wood. It was very comfortable and I didn’t have any issues with it shifting around and needing repositioning, which was a really nice feature. Even with the heavy winter wardrobe, it was easy to adjust its position to fit properly. Often a traditional pack needs repositioning while you are active and that gets frustrating, but even with a heavy load in the pack it sat nicely in place and was not restrictive or cumbersome.

Compression Strap

The “Y” compression strap allows the pack to be compressed down as much as possible. Not an essential feature for me, but it is nice to be tidy and compact.

Overall Appearance and Style

As my wife can attest, style is not something I am good at or care much about (my poor wife…she sometimes has to throw away old clothes because I embarrass her). Function is more my game. But, I do have to say this bag looks nice in addition to being functional.

It comes in 4 colors: Black, Foliage Grey, Olive Drab, and Coyote Tan. I am a big fan of the flag patch. In addition to the patches that come with the bag, there is room on the Velcro strips for other names or symbolic patches.

Overall Quality and Durability

One of the most important things for me is quality, and so far, I like what I see. After traveling across the country, and then around Mexico, Honduras, and Belize, the pack seems none the worse for wear. The materials are tough, the seams are rugged, and the zippers have worked flawlessly. I really appreciate the lifetime warranty 3V provides…they really stand behind their product.   

The bag is made with a 600D PVC –backed polyester fabric which provides some moisture resistance. The fabric is quiet when you are moving. This is nice when silence is important. 3V Gear offers a lifetime warranty on the material. I think the material is nice quality and functions well

Outlaw II Disadvantages

I really did not find much about this pack that I didn’t like. There was one minor issue that I experienced. Once, when grabbing the bag by the “Y” compression strap, the strap pulled out of the buckles. I am not sure if the buckle didn’t bite well enough, or the strap was new and still a bit slippery, or if pulling it on the angle that I did allowed it to slip. This was easily remedied by putting the strap back through the buckle again…didn’t have any additional problem.

Now for the cons that I found in our application of this pack. Overall I had very few things that I found to be a negative of this pack but in the nature of full transparency, I will list what I personally viewed as this bag’s shortcomings.

Sling Design

Although I love the sling design I can see it being a con in an extended use situation. Only because you are unable to transfer the weight of the pack to your other shoulder when you start to get fatigued.

Positioning of Zippers

I also found the zipper systems to be a bit frustrating at times. The way they are positioned hinders the compartments from being able to open completely. Although they keep them from flopping open on you when accessing the compartments while wearing the pack.

I think by repositioning the zippers and adding a detachable restrictor strap they could easily rectify this minor inconvenience. Allowing for full opening of the compartments while the pack is removed but then by snapping the restrictor strap, you won’t have the pack flopping wide open when you are accessing the compartments while wearing it. This isn’t a deal-breaker for me, but in my opinion, it could be improved on for ease of loading. Not a big deal but worth noting.

Moisture Resistance

I also have concerns about the moisture-proofing PVC lining. Often times this type of lining will split and crack in extremely cold conditions over time. Time will tell if this becomes a problem. At this point, I haven’t seen any sign of degradation but I have many times had similar linings to this fail during cold weather abuse. Most people are not going to be packing at -40° F so this is only applicable to extreme cold weather use. They also offer a lifetime warranty on the fabric so I don’t see this as a huge deterrent to trialing this product.

Outlaw II Pack Overall Impressions

Jon’s Overall Impression

My overall impression of this pack has been very good. It did want I wanted it to do and was comfortable and versatile to carry. This pack looks nice and is very functional. Except for the very minor issue I addressed above, I am a big fan of this bag. My overall rating is 4.8 out of 5.

Beth’s Overall Impression

So, for the most part, the pack has very few things that I view as a negative. My general opinion of this pack is that it is nicely constructed, thoughtfully put together for optimal functionality, and a great addition to your pack inventory. I see this becoming a pack that gets used often and put into our regular rotation.

After having been provided the opportunity to trial this bag, my husband and I are considering ordering an additional pack from 3V Gear. We would like to trial one of their larger packs, the Paratus 3-Day Operator’s Pack.

Prompt Shipping and Reasonable Price

They were very prompt in their delivery of the pack and I was pleased with the overall quality. Their website offered a very accurate description and assessment of the product and I felt that the cost of the pack was fair for the quality of the product provided.

Customizable to Suit Unique Needs

If you are in search of a good multi-function pack, consider trialing this pack. It is available in 4 different colors. They offer add-on MOLLE pouches so you can fully customize the bag to suit your needs. And overall, it’s very comfortable and functional.

How to Purchase an Outlaw II Slinger Gear Pack

3V Gear sells direct to the consumer in order to be able to offer these bags at reasonable prices. You can click here to learn more about the Outlaw II Slinger Gear Pack. It retails for $45.95.

You can also find 3V Gear products on Amazon. Click here for the current pricing on the Outlaw II.

We have no reservations about recommending the Outlaw II Slinger Gear Pack to anyone who is interested in a high-quality, well-designed pack. Check out 3V Gear’s entire selection of high-quality gear here.

Thanks for being part of the solution!

Jonathan and Kylene Jones


Jonathan Jones is a licensed civil engineer, community leader, published author, motivational speaker, alternative energy enthusiast, prepper, father, and grandfather. He practices self-reliance, provident living, and emergency preparedness in his everyday life. He is committed to helping our community prepare to thrive during the challenges in our future.