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We believe that every home should have a supply of food to last them through tough times. Tough times might come in the form of a short term interruption of income or longer term economic crisis. We live in a time when food is abundant and relatively cheap. However, our food system is fragile and susceptible to disruption. It is wise to prepare to weather those storms with a healthy supply of food in our own homes.

Our little ones are our motivation to make sure that our family food stores are a priority and stay well-stocked and ready to go. They are worth the sacrifice.

Our Motivation to Store Food - Copyright Your Family Ark LLC

The best food stores include grains, beans, pasta, dried fruits and vegetables and other staples packaged for longer term storage. Add a variety of canned foods and you can survive quite nicely without needing to go to the market. Fresh garden produce can supplement these basics and keep you healthy as you weather a crisis.

That being said, a good supply of quality freeze-dried, just-add-water meals are a great addition to those basics. Freeze dried meals are lightweight, perfect for survival kits or earthquake readiness kits. When disaster strikes, just-add-water meals can help you keep up your strength without demanding the time required to create meals from basic staples.

We rarely promote any food storage supplier, but Valley Food Storage has developed the perfect selection of healthy meals without the nasty additives found in so many prepared foods. They do not add MSG or trans fats and use sea salt. Valley Food Storage offers a variety of gluten free and dairy free meals for those with special dietary needs.

Regardless of what foods you choose to store, it is important that you try them. Make sure that these are meals that your family will eat. We recommend trying some of Valley Food Storage’s meals. They will even send you one sample to try free if you pay the shipping.

Learn more about how to design the perfect food storage plan for your family in our book, The Provident Prepper–A Common-Sense Guide to Preparing for Emergencies.  The best financial investment you can make is to build your family food stores. Start today and be prepared for whatever challenges may come.


Kylene Jones is a blogger, content creator, published author, motivational speaker, homesteader, prepper, mother, and grandmother. She practices self-reliance, provident living, and emergency preparedness in her everyday life. She loves working with her husband, Jonathan, and is committed to helping our community be prepared to thrive during the challenges that lie in our future.

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