Amazing Strawberry Spread

Have you ever considered how you might turn basic food storage into something exciting that you might Strawberry Spread Ready-to-Processactually want to eat? Having a variety of delicious fruit syrups and spreads can make anything a whole lot tastier in addition to providing critical nutrients. Our favorite topping is a strawberry spread we created to be the perfect consistency to eat on pancakes, waffles, and crepes.

This spread is bottled so it is shelf stable and will store for a few years (in a cool, dry, dark place) if it were possible to make enough to last that long. The secret is Clear Jel, a commercial thickening agent, that allows the final product to be the exact desired consistency even when reducing the amount of sugar used.

We purchase our Clear Jel directly from our local extension office. Once you start looking for it you will find a source to buy it. Clear Jel comes in two forms; regular (which must be heated to thicken) and instant. I prefer to use regular for home canning.

A great source for information and recipes for using Clear Jel in home preserves is Washington State University Skagit County Extension Office. Once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are endless!



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