BYU Idaho Education Week 2015

Thank you for taking the time to attend BYU Idaho Education Week 2015. Copies of the Power Point Presentations from our classes are included below. These are copyrighted and are only for the personal use of those who attended our class. Please do not distribute them in any way.

We hope you are making fabulous progress on your preparedness goals!

Power Point Handouts

We Can Make it Together – Developing a Family Emergency Plan

Living Out of a Backpack- Building the Right Survival Kit

Designer Food Storage Plans – Food Just the Way YOU Like It

Got Water? Storing and Producing Safe Drinking Water

No Power No Problem – How to Cook When the Lights Go Out

Let the Storm Rage On – Survive Freezing Temperatures Without Electricity

Whats That Smell – Sanitation When Systems Fail

Home Sweet Home – Protecting Your Valuable Resources

Community – The Critical Link to Survival