Cooking Fuel Worksheet

If the power goes out, how are you going to cook your food? Take a little time to consider how much fuel you might need to store to be able to cook your food. Specific requirements will vary depending upon these factors:

  • The amount of time you want to be able to cook without electricity.
  • Types of food you have stored. (Dry beans require more fuel than canned beans that can be eaten straight out of the can.)
  • Number of people you are feeding. (More fuel is required to cook for six people than for just one.)
  • Type of fuels you choose to use.
  • Physical location and limitations.

Be sure to plan for possible cooking scenarios. Cooking on a wood stove is wonderful in the winter, but miserable in the summer. Plan a way to cook indoors as well as outdoors. There may be times when it is unsafe to cook outdoors. Always make safety your first priority!

Cooking Fuel Worksheet

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