Disaster Domination

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Disaster Domination
A simple step-by-step guide to preparing your family to thrive in the face of disaster.

Do you have a family emergency plan? Does everyone know what to do in an emergency? Preparing your family can seem a little overwhelming. Disaster Domination is the tool you need to prepare your family to thrive when disaster strikes.

The nightly news bombards us with frightening scenes of natural disasters, house fires, civil unrest and dangers that threaten our peaceful existence. There are steps we can take to reduce our personal risk factors. Discussing the threats together as a family and coming up with a plan instills confidence and peace in family members. “We have a plan and we know what to do.”

The author of The Provident Prepper–A Common-Sense Guide to Preparing for Emergencies brings you a must-have manual complete with lesson plans to teach family members critical knowledge and skills to improve their chance of survival when disaster strikes. The lessons are thoughtfully designed to capture attention, provide hands-on experience along with an opportunity to reinforce the newly acquired knowledge and skills in a follow-up activity later each week. Best of all, they are easy for even a beginning prepper to teach.

Don’t wait another moment. Start today to prepare your family to thrive when disaster strikes.

Disaster Domination includes fill-able PDF forms to help you organize your family preparedness efforts. We recommend that you keep these forms in a binder for quick organized access. Copies of some of these forms should be placed in strategic locations.. Update these forms as often as needed.

Free PDF Forms

Communication Action Plan

Communication Equipment Form

Emergency Contact Form

Emergency Lighting Action Plan

Emergency Lighting Form

Emergency Meeting Places Form

Family Survival Kit List

Personal Survival Kit List

Pet Survival Kit List

School Survival Kit List

Vehicle Survival Kit List

Workplace Survival Kit List