Get Ready for Ebola

Approx Reading Time: 3 minutes

EbolaThe Centers for Disease Control recently released a checklist to help hospitals detect, protect and respond to Ebola patients. While Ebola does not currently present a threat in the United States, an Ebola outbreak could be devastating to our population. There is no cure or vaccine and the death rate is extremely high. The best way to protect your loved ones is to avoid exposure all together. That might mean avoiding any interaction with people once the disease begins to spread.

You may want to review Dr. Kyle Christensen’s article on Ebola for interesting information and spend some time researching the disease. Often the public is given limited information in an effort to avoid panic. Search some reputable sites from other countries as well to make sure you have a good understanding of the disease and how it is transmitted.

Now is a really good time to check your preparedness status. Would it be possible for you to avoid going out in public until the disease has run its course? What if that took a year or two? Depending on the number of lives lost, we may experience loss of public utilities including electricity, gas, water, sewer, etc. Are you prepared to handle that?

Are your shelves stocked with enough food and supplies to avoid going to the store for an extended period of time? Do you have a fresh supply of over-the-counter and prescription medications? Do you have medical reference books and diagnostic equipment to help you treat family members at home to avoid highly contagious areas like clinics and hospitals? How about personal protective equipment such as disposable gloves and masks? Disinfectants and sanitizers?

Think about how you might need to rearrange things in order to avoid possible contamination. Can you telecommute or work from home? Could you take an extended leave and still pay the bills? Are you prepared to home school if necessary? Do you have a plan?

We hope that Ebola will be nothing more than a distant concern. However, it would be prudent to step up your preparations and make sure that you are ready for Ebola or anything else that might threaten the safety of your family while we still have the opportunity to do so. We encourage you to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

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Kylene Jones is a blogger, content creator, published author, motivational speaker, homesteader, prepper, mother, and grandmother. She practices self-reliance, provident living, and emergency preparedness in her everyday life. She loves working with her husband, Jonathan, and is committed to helping our community be prepared to thrive during the challenges that lie in our future.