Most Problems are Easy to Solve – Just Get Off the Escalator

Learned helplessness is a dangerous trend in our society. Take a minute and watch this absolutely absurd video. It demonstrates an important principle.

Most problems are easy to solve. Just get off the elevator. When disaster strikes are you going to be standing around waiting for FEMA to come rescue you? Just like the escalator repair guy in this video, FEMA has problems and limitations. You are in charge of your own safety and well being. Do not stand around with the false belief that there are others out there just waiting to come to your rescue. It’s just not going to happen.

Most disasters can be mitigated. Just prepare!

  • Do you have water stored for emergencies?
  • Can you feed your family for an extended period of time without going to the store?
  • Can you cook your food and keep from freezing during an extended power outage?
  • Do you know how to produce your own food?
  • Are you trained to administer first aid and respond to emergencies?
  • Do you have a family emergency plan–practiced and in place?
  • Are you prepared to be self-reliant and help your neighbors?

These are only a few areas to think about. When disaster strikes, are you going to be stuck on the escalator without the common-sense to just get off? Be part of the solution. Prepare mentally, emotionally and physically to thrive in the face of adversity.


Kylene Jones is a blogger, content creator, published author, motivational speaker, homesteader, prepper, mother, and grandmother. She practices self-reliance, provident living, and emergency preparedness in her everyday life. She loves working with her husband, Jonathan, and is committed to helping our community be prepared to thrive during the challenges that lie in our future.

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