No Power Cooking

It’s five o’clock on a winter afternoon. Without notice you lose electricity to your home. How are you going to cook dinner for your family? A cold sandwich will work for one night, but what if it lasts days, weeks, or longer?

When the lights go out you can do better than burnt marshmallows!
When the lights go out you can do better than burnt marshmallows!

Any type of crisis creates a significant amount of stress. If you have spent time developing a variety of alternative energy cooking skills, you will have one less thing to worry about. So the power is out … sounds like a great excuse to Dutch oven or barbeque. In the middle of a winter storm, the family can have a cozy candlelit meal cooked by canned heat.

Develop a series of cooking options that will ensure you will be able to cook in several emergency situations. Consider evacuation, indoor, outdoor, sheltered, cold weather, and hot weather as you plan. Carefully plan how you will safely store the fuels that you need. Fuel conservation is a high priority. Storing enough fuel safely to last for a year is absolutely possible, if you practice conservation.

Be wise (translated that means, “don’t do stupid things!”). Please, please be safe! What an incredible tragedy it would be to survive an initial disaster only to harm your loved ones through a tragic mistake in judgment. Store fuel legally and very carefully. Never burn anything indoors that is intended for outdoor use. Be very careful with any open flame. Err on the side of caution.

As sure as one day follows another, there will be disasters, emergencies and challenging times in our future. Acquiring knowledge and experience will give you the wisdom required to face these challenges and the physical and mental tools required not only to survive, but to thrive. It will free you from the anxiety and emotional trauma that is experienced by those who choose not to prepare.

We challenge you to explore creative ways to cook your food, many great ideas are right here on this site. Our goal is to test possible options and see what really works. We hope you benefit from our experience – both failures and successes.

Develop a plan and set reasonable goals to obtain the tools that you need. Then DO IT! Be creative and try an alternative cooking method each week, while fast food restaurants are still open and food is cheap and available. As you do, you will gain confidence in your ability and perfect your skills during non-stressful times. When a real emergency strikes, you won’t need to stress over cooking for your family.