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White Rice

White rice, or polished rice, has had the husk, bran and germ removed. This milling process changes the flavor, texture and appearance while significantly extending its storage life. It also strips the rice of critical nutrients which are abundant in the original...

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Thermal Cookers – No Power Slow Cookers

"Hay boxes," thermal cookers, or retained heat cookers have been around just about forever. Legend has it this was used by the early pioneers as well as during WWII to help make the most of limited fuel. It is still used regularly in many developing countries. The...

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Dutch Oven Cooking

This classic method of cooking is a great way to prepare meals, breads, and desserts. With a little experience anyone can become an expert. Dutch ovens are easy to use and store and will last for many years when cared for properly. Charcoal is cheap and when stored in...

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EcoQue Portable Grill – Pyromid

The EcoQue portable grill used to be marketed under the name "Pyromid." It is made of stainless steel and is highly portable. It can collapse down to a little over an inch and fits nicely in a carry bag. I have to admit that I am highly impressed with this particular...

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Kerosene Stoves

Kerosene stoves are a good option due to the long (5+ year) storage life of kerosene, fuel safety and efficiency. Kerosene produces carbon monoxide when burned. We do not recommend using kerosene stoves or heaters indoors for this reason. If you choose to use indoors,...

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Liquid Fuel Camp Stoves

Liquid fuel camp stoves are a camping favorite. These stoves run off of "Coleman" fuel or white gas which is inexpensive and widely available. There is a "dual fuel" design that will also run off of unleaded gasoline. Two pints will burn for about two hours with both...

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