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Emergency Cooking: 12 Family Favorites

A wildfire is blazing just over the mountain from us and many citizens are under evacuation and pre-evacuation orders. A disaster threatening just around the corner motivated me to check our emergency preparations to make sure we are ready for any emergency. How will...

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8 Food Storage Enemies and How to Slay Them

Ready or not, disaster strikes and the food you have faithfully stored instantly becomes a lifeline to your survival. Terror strikes as you realize your grain is infested with insects or disease-ridden rodents making it no longer fit for human consumption. Don’t let...

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Safe Indoor Emergency Cooking Solutions

A winter storm rages outside when suddenly you are surrounded by an eerily, silent darkness. After grabbing a flashlight you realize that in a few minutes your hungry family is going to want to eat. How are you going to cook dinner without electricity? Preparing to...

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Prepping for Basic Emergency Sanitation

Proper sanitation during a disaster is a critical component of preparedness. Frequently, there are more deaths following a disaster due to poor sanitation, than lives lost in the initial event. The earthquake in Haiti is a classic example as it was followed by a...

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How to Store Water for Emergency Preparedness

A top priority for emergency preparedness is water storage. Clean, safe drinking water is absolutely critical for survival. What is the best way to store water for emergencies? What containers are best for water storage? How do you treat water for long-term storage?...

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