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Preppers Without Partners: When Preparing Is All on YOU

Jonathan and I are quite blessed to have a partner with whom we are united in our self-reliance and preparedness efforts. Our readers frequently remind us that not everyone is so lucky. Whether you are single or married, sometimes you may find that you are prepping...

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The Prepper’s Guide to Securing Your Home

I had the opportunity to sit in a local courtroom for a few hours and watch as inmates in shackles from the county jail were brought before a judge one after another for a variety of criminal activities. I left feeling vulnerable and with a renewed awareness of the...

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Prepare Now to Survive a Pandemic

Pandemic is an exciting game where the players race against the clock to find a cure for any one of several virulent diseases before they get out of hand and destroy the human race. This game may be very thrilling when it is just an imaginary event but a real-life...

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