Spring is in the air and it is the perfect time to get busy planting. Bare root fruit trees, vines and berry bushes are inexpensive this time of year. Best of all, they tend to thrive.

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Spend $20–Purchase a bare root fruit tree or grape vines or berry bushes. You can find great prices through online nurseries or at local hardware stores or nurseries. The bare root stock is sold out quickly so don’t procrastinate! Try something new and exciting.

15 minutes--Plant your new fruit-bearing plant, water it well and enjoy the bounty for years to come.

Blackberry Boy Copyright Your Family Ark LLCThis small investment of time and money will pay off big in the years to come. Perennials like fruit trees and berries do not need to be re-planted every year. They can be a beautiful addition to your landscape and provide food year after year.

So get to it! No excuses. There are fruit trees and berry bushes that will even grow in containers on your patio. Plant today and enjoy the harvest year after year.

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