How quickly could you evacuate your home if you needed to? Where would you go? How would you get there? Disasters usually don’t provide advanced warning before they strike so it is a good idea to prepare well in advance.

Make a list of possible scenarios where you may be required to evacuate your home. Plan a few different destinations: outside your neighborhood, outside of your city, and one at least 100 miles away. Clearly mark planned escape routes on maps. Consider alternative routes in the event one way is blocked.

Design a survival kit tailored to your unique needs and destination. If your destination is in the mountains you will pack very differently than if you are vacationing in Disneyland until the storm blows over.  For more information on how to create the right survival kit see The Provident Prepper–A Common-Sense Guide to Preparing for Emergencies Chapter 5.

Prepare 2015 August goal is to update your survival kit. Spend 15 minutes minutes going through your survival kit. Spend $20 on necessary supplies as you rotate food items, check clothing sizes, add fresh batteries, and ensure your kit is ready if you need to evacuate today.

Commuter Survival Kit - Copyright Your Family Ark LLC


The most important thing is to get your kit together. You can use backpacks or containers that you find at garage sales or thrift stores to get you started. My dream bag is a Zuca Bag. They come in many different colors and styles, but the big draw for me is durability and functionality. These bags have a telescoping handle, sturdy wheels and a light aluminum alloy frame that can hold up to 300 pounds. The bag can also be used as a seat.  Zuca bags come with insert bags which make organization simple.

zuca bag

As for now, I have a well-stocked personal survival kit in a large red backpack that will do the job. I have ordered some inexpensive prescription eyeglasses to put in a couple of the children’s kits using their current prescription and stronger reading glasses to add to mine. We are a little more prepared now than we were six months ago.

Survival Kits - Copyright Your Family Ark LLC

Every time we rotate these kits I am truly grateful we haven’t had to use them, but it is a great feeling to know they are ready if we ever do.

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