Our family finds great peace in our family food stores. We are not completely dependent upon stocked grocery store shelves to provide for our daily needs. If we had a personal financial crisis or if the store shelves were empty, our family has the supplies we need to sustain ourselves for a time until things return to normal. That peace is worth the sacrifice.

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December’s goal is to spend at least $20 on longer term food storage items to build your food stores. Then spend 15 minutes considering what gifts you are giving to others this Christmas. Would it be possible to give a #10 can of rice or beans, or perhaps a water filter, or how about a case of a favorite canned good instead of a less-useful item? Maybe neighbor gifts might be a bottle of hand soap or a similar inexpensive item with a cute little tag on it. It might take a little bit of courage to take a non-traditional approach. I think it makes our little world a better place. Every gift of food storage makes all of us a little more prepared.

I have fond memories of one childhood Christmas. My family had very little money and meals were simple with no frills. A few days before Christmas, my father took the children to a warehouse store that sold only cases of goods. We were each allowed to select one case of our favorite food for Christmas. Words can’t express the excitement we felt as we selected things like Spaghettios and sugar coated cold cereals.

The Provident Prepper – A Common-Sense Guide to Preparing for Emergencies is a great way to help someone get started on the preparedness path. It would make a great Christmas gift along with some food storage, a water filter, or even a case of toilet paper.

There is great peace and security in having a well-stocked family storehouse. What could you do to use your Christmas budget a little bit more wisely?

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