Blue Can Pure Water Review

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Blue Can Water is purified and sterilized drinking water, stored in aluminum cans for emergency water storage. It has an amazing shelf life of 50 years. Blue Can is a prepper’s water storage dream come true.

What is Blue Can Water?

Blue Can Water is a 12-ounce aluminum can of purified drinking water that has been hermetically sealed to achieve a 50-year shelf life. It can withstand heat exposure and is an excellent source of emergency drinking water.

Blue Can Water is designed specifically to be the perfect answer to emergency water storage.

How Does Blue Can Water Taste?

We conducted a taste test with our family. The results were favorable for Blue Can Water. While we all preferred the fresh filtered water out of our refrigerator, Blue Can Water was acceptable for all family members.

Advantages of Blue Can Water

Blue Can Water is an expensive investment. However, that investment comes with some pretty substantial benefits.

  • Blue Can Water has a guaranteed 50-year shelf life
  • No need to rotate your water storage
  • Pure, clean tasting water
  • Heat exposure will not damage Blue Can Water
  • Peace of mind knowing you have clean drinking water stored

Disadvantages of Blue Can Water

  • Blue Can Water is expensive. The initial investment can be a bit painful.
  • Blue Can Water should be protected from freezing to prevent the can from splitting.

Blue Can Water is Ideal for Hot Summer Vehicle Emergency Kits

Plastic water bottles do not perform well in a hot car. However, Blue Can Water is not adversely affected by heat and can be safely stored in a vehicle during the hot summer months.

Blue Can Water will freeze and the aluminum cans will split. Do not use Blue Can Water in your winter vehicle emergency kits.

Will Blue Can Pure Water Withstand Freezing Temperatures?

Blue Can Water is packaged in aluminum cans. Freezing the water in aluminum cans may cause them to split. Blue Can Water is best when stored in a location that does not freeze.

Is Blue Can Water Worth Paying $2 a Can?

Blue Cans are a premium product and are a valuable asset for emergency water storage. Some preppers would consider this price outrageous, while other preppers would jump at the chance to have drinking water with a 50 year shelf life at only $2 a can.

There are a couple of schools of thought when it comes to prepping, we will call them budget prepping and value prepping.

The budget prepper works hard to meet basic needs on a limited budget. Nothing wrong with this type of prepping. This prepper looks for great bargains on used water containers, cleans them, and stocks up on critical water supplies in a way that fits into the budget. Spending $2 on a can of water is out of the question.

The value prepper works hard to ensure that basic needs are met in the best, most reliable way possible. This prepper understands the critical nature of water storage and would not blink at paying $2 for a can of purified water that will safely store for 50 years.

Every prepper understands the critical nature of water storage. It is important that you have an adequate supply of clean drinking water for your family. The way you achieve this goal is up to you. Check out our post How to Store Water for Emergency Preparedness for some good ideas on budget water storage.

Who Should Seriously Consider Blue Can Water Storage?

Clean, safe drinking water is a critical resource. However, there are many good ways to go about making sure that your family has the water they need when they need it.

Many preppers rotate through their food and water supplies on a regular basis. For these preppers, a case or two of Blue Water Cans for your emergency vehicle kits or in a hidden survival cache may be all that you really need.

Other preppers purchase a survival food supply with a 25 to 30-year shelf life and just tuck it away as a hunger insurance policy in the event that they ever need it. Blue Can Water would be the perfect addition to this prepper’s stockpile to add a thirst insurance policy. When you purchase your new food supply in 25 years, your water will still be good to go for another 25 years.

If you are a survival storage prepper who does not want to rotate your supplies, Blue Can Water is the answer to your needs.

Recommended Storage Conditions for Blue Can Water

Blue Can recommends storing Blue Can Water between 33°F (1°C) to 150° (60°C). The cardboard boxes are double strength and are designed to withstand the heavy weight of the cans of water. Pallets may be stacked on top of each other to reduce the footprint and take up less space.

Blue Can Water Pricing

Blue Can Water is expensive to ship. The current pricing is from Amazon which is a little bit more expensive for the product but the free shipping makes it less expensive overall.

Blue Can 24 Pack Case is a simple 2 Day Emergency Water Supply that contains 2.25 gallons of purified water. It weighs a little over 20 pounds and the box is designed with extra-thick cardboard for long term storage. The 24 pack retails for $29.95 plus shipping.

Check current pricing on Blue Can Water 24 Pack Case here.

Blue Can 48 Pack contains 2 cases of 24 12-ounce Blue Water Cans each. It is a 4-day emergency water supply with 4.5 gallons of purified water. The 48 pack retails for $59.90 plus shipping.

Check current pricing on Blue Can Water 48 Pack here.

Blue Can Emergency Water Cooler contains 6 – 12-ounce cans packaged in a sturdy insulated cooler. This is perfect for the back of a vehicle, boat, camper, or road trips. Retail price is $15.95 plus shipping.

Check current pricing on Blue Can Emergency Water Cooler here.

100 Case Blue Can Water Pallet holds 2400 cans of Blue Water. It is a 225 Day Emergency Water Storage that contains 225 gallons of purified water. The pallet weighs 2,040 pounds

A pallet retails for about $2,695.00 plus shipping. Contact Blue Water at (747) 261-0533 for details. They offer promotions periodically so you may want to ask about when their next great sale is coming up.

Check current pricing at Use coupon code Prep40 for 10% off exclusively for our readers. We do not make any affiliate fees on sales from this Blue Can website. We just want to get you the best deal possible.

Our Overall Impression of Blue Can Water

Blue Can Water is a high-quality product and is everything that the manufacturer claims that it is. It is refreshing to see a company create a high-quality product. A 50 year shelf life for clean, safe drinking water is an amazing benefit.

Our family goal is to have a couple of pallets of Blue Can Water in our basement storeroom. I think it would bring a tremendous amount of peace and security knowing that I didn’t have to worry about clean drinking water for 50 years.

For now, I will settle for a little stash of Blue Can Water in my vehicle emergency kits and a few in with my long-term storage supplies.

Thanks for being part of the solution!

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