KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Review

4.0 rating

The ability to package food for future use is vital to our food storage and usage programs. Often food comes on in abundance such that we can’t reasonably consume it, or even want to. The ability to preserve the harvest is one of the most important jobs for a prepper.

The makers of KOIOS Vacuum Sealer provided us with an opportunity to review their product and share our review and comments with you. We received a free vacuum sealer and no other form of compensation for our review.

What is a KOIOS Vacuum Sealer?

The KOIOS Vacuum Sealer is similar to other vacuum sealers on the market. This product allows you to fill bags with food (or other items) and have the vacuum sealer pull out much of the air and seal the bag. This creates an environment where the product is protected and will have a longer shelf life. It also makes the end product more compact than many other methods, thus allowing you to store more in a smaller space.

By utilizing the jar sealer devices which are available separately, you can also seal food in jars in a reduced oxygen environment. Please note that this does not take the place of properly wet packing or canning fruits and vegetables for long-term storage.

Is the KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Easy to Use?

The KOIOS vacuum sealer is simple to operate. The use of this product is fairly straight forward, and with minimal practice, it is fast and easy to use.

Can the KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Preserve Dry Goods in Mason Jars?

The KOIOS vacuum sealer has the ability to preserve dry goods in Mason type jars. The unit came with the required hose, but we had to purchase the jar sealing attachments on Amazon (we purchased both the regular and wide mouth versions). We used both sizes with no problems.

Are the Bags for the KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Readily Available?

Bags for vacuum sealers are available in a variety of sizes on Amazon and many other sources. I have been told that Costco carries bags and occasionally has them on one of their “killer” deals. It might be a great time to buy enough for a year or two.

KOIOS Vacuum Sealer bags can be purchased in a roll for more convenient variations in bag sizes. Click here to check the current pricing on Amazon.

Precut bags can be purchased on Amazon or from local sources. Click for current pricing on these bags:

Does the KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Come with a Manufacturer Warranty?

Yes, KOIOS offers a 2-year warranty and claims to have excellent warranty service. I don’t have any information to know if the warranty service is as good as they claim.

Where Can I Purchase a KOIOS Vacuum Sealer?

The KOIOS Vacuum Sealer is available through Amazon. Click here for current pricing.

Advantages of a KOIOS Vacuum Sealer

In our experimenting with this product, it worked well using the bags that were provided by KOIOS. I tried cutting the bags down to create smaller sizes and had issues with them not sealing well.

The KOIOS Vacuum Sealer looks nice and is compact so that it can easily be tucked away when not in use.

The FoodSaver jar sealer attachment worked well with this unit. I would recommend purchasing the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Wide-Mouth Jar and Regular-Mouth Sealer Kit that is available on Amazon to preserve dry goods in Mason jars.

Disadvantages to a KOIOS Vacuum Sealer

The instructions were translated to English from some other language, presumably Chinese. Some of the translation was interesting and a bit difficult to understand.

Although the unit came with the hose for the jar sealer, the jar sealers had to be purchased separately, and there were no instructions to describe how to use the jar sealer feature.

The hose for the jar sealer did not fit as well in the vacuum sealer as I would have liked. It was very tight and did not go into the unit very far. I was concerned that if I pushed harder, I would break something. It was not a natural fit but got the job done.

KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Review Summary

The KOIOS Vacuum Sealer did a good job as long as we used the bags as they came. It did a good job of sealing both bags and jars.

Vacuum sealing is a good way to extend the life of low moisture dry goods in long term storage. We are excited to have added the KOIOS vacuum sealer to our tools for preserving our foods.

Regardless of how you get the job done, we strongly encourage you to prepare your family for whatever may come by acquiring the food, equipment, skills, and experience you need to care for yourself and your family in a time of crisis. If you have not done so already, get started today!

Thanks for being part of the solution!

Jonathan and Kylene Jones


Jonathan Jones is a licensed civil engineer, community leader, published author, motivational speaker, alternative energy enthusiast, prepper, father, and grandfather. He practices self-reliance, provident living, and emergency preparedness in his everyday life. He is committed to helping our community prepare to thrive during the challenges in our future.