Waterfull Barrel Emergency Water Storage Review

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Water storage is an incredibly important asset. Most of us have access to clean, reliable water and sometimes think that we always will. There are times when water systems fail.

Perhaps the water quality is affected or water supplies become depleted. It is important to be prepared with a supply of clean drinking water when disaster strikes.

The makers of Waterfull Water Storage Barrel have come up with a unique design to help meet the challenge of storing a supply of clean drinking water. We were excited to have the opportunity to review the Waterfull Barrel.

What is a Waterfull Water Storage Barrel?

The Waterfull Barrel was designed by people who had lived through hurricane situations and were scratching their heads because, in spite of the threat they continually face, there is always a mad scramble to stockpile water when the storm is knocking on the door. The Waterfull is their answer to create a 30-gallon supply of continuously rotated freshwater supply to provide drinking water for a family of 4 for one week.

The Waterfull Barrel is a pressure vessel similar to your water heater. The water in the vessel is under pressure, thus allowing you to use it for all your outdoor water needs as if it weren’t there. In the event that your water system loses pressure or becomes contaminated and you are not able to continue to use the water system, you simply detach the hose between the house spigot and the barrel, replace the exit hose with the sanitary hose, open the pressure valve at the top of the barrel, and utilize the 30 gallons of water to meet your needs.

Does the Waterfull Barrel Look Tacky?

The Waterfull Barrel is surprisingly appealing. They have designed them in 5 colors; Mr. Blue, Gwenie Green, Kenny Brown, Ellie Gray, and Lolacotta.

We selected the gray unit and it works quite well with the colors of our home. You can tuck it away in a side yard, back yard, or turn it into a little table on the front porch as we did.

Is the Waterfull Water Storage Barrel a Good Option to Meet Your Water Storage Needs?

A Waterfull Barrel has a storage capacity of 30 gallons. It is a high-quality device and is durable enough to last many years. Depending on the needs of your family, you may need to plan for additional water storage options or use several Waterfull Barrels.

How Can I Increase the Storage Capacity of a Waterfull Water Storage Barrel?

It is possible to put up to 3 Waterfull barrels in series for a total of 90 gallons of water. Alternatively, you can use additional barrels on other home spigots.

Can the Waterfull be Used During the Winter in Freezing Climates?

The Waterfull Barrel is not designed for use outdoors during freezing weather. It is possible to keep it in a warm garage or outbuilding depending on individual circumstances.

Is the Waterfull Water Storage Barrel Difficult to Install?

Hooking up your Waterfull takes no more expertise than installing a garden hose. You can accomplish it in the amount of time it takes to fill up a 30- gallon barrel and you are ready for disaster to strike.

What are the Advantages to the Waterfull Barrel?

  • It is made of high quality, safe, UV resistant plastic. The Waterfull is made using a rotation molding process. The barrel is heavy and the plastic is thick, making it a robust, long-term investment.
  • It has an attractive look to it. It comes in 5 nice-looking colors. As you can see from our photos, it fits in well in many settings and looks nice.
  • It comes with a pressure regulating valve to allow you to adjust the pressure to meet your needs.
  • One clean (RV) hose is provided with the barrel to connect the barrel to the spigot. Additional hoses are optional. Whether you provided the clean hose for use in an emergency or get one through Waterfull, you definitely need one to access the clean water in an emergency. This should be tucked away in a place you can find it quickly. We have the 25-foot exit hose which is coiled up with the ends connected together and stored under the barrel cap so it is always handy.
  • It is made in the USA with parts that are known to meet clean water standards. It is free from lead or other contaminants.

What are the Disadvantages to the Waterfull Barrel?

  • The cost is quite steep at $519 per barrel. This is a result of a high-quality product in the early phases of production. I anticipate that if the makers can get into full production and can broaden their market to include government and military markets (which they have told me they are in process of doing), that cost will come down, resulting in broader appeal. For many preppers, finances are tight and there are many places for the money to go. There are much less expensive options available for water storage, even if you do have to rotate your own water.
  • The Waterfull barrel cannot withstand freezing temperatures. If you live in an area that does not experience freezing temperatures, this is a great year-round water storage device. For those of us in freezing climates, it can be used outdoors during the warm months but would have to be put in a warmer area during the cold months. A warm garage or outbuilding would be a possibility, but personally, I would steer away from use in my home from the perspective of structural load and potential leakage (just the engineer in me speaking).
  • The volume of water available is smaller as compared with some other possibilities. Because it is a structural pressure vessel, it is heavy (weighs about 50 pounds). The ability for delivery by UPS or others dictated a smaller size. At some point, they may produce a larger barrel, but for now, 30 gallons is what it is.

My Personal Opinion of the Waterfull Water Barrel

In summary, if you live in an area without frost, and money is not a big issue, this is a great solution for some of your water storage.

If you live in a freezing zone, and you don’t mind moving it (or can just keep it in a warm area), and money is not a limiting factor, this is a cool solution.

How Do I Purchase a Waterfull Water Barrel for My Home?

Visit Waterfull.com to order your barrel. We do earn any affiliate fees for referring you to Waterfull. I have been excited about this product and appreciate the good people at Waterfull for allowing us to take a closer look. They do have a quality product and we wish them great success.

Remember the importance of water storage. Don’t put it off!

Thanks for being part of the solution!

Jonathan and Kylene Jones


Jonathan Jones is a licensed civil engineer, community leader, published author, motivational speaker, alternative energy enthusiast, prepper, father, and grandfather. He practices self-reliance, provident living, and emergency preparedness in his everyday life. He is committed to helping our community prepare to thrive during the challenges in our future.

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