The Provident Prepper Action Plans

The Provident Prepper Action Plans

The photo icons below will link you to each of the action plans and worksheets referred to in The Provident Prepper: A Common-Sense Guide to Preparing for Emergencies. Our hope is that they will be a useful tool to develop realistic action plans to prepare for challenging times, disasters, and emergencies.

The Provident Prepper is the handbook on emergency preparedness and survival written for real people with real lives. It begins by assisting the reader in developing a comprehensive risk evaluation and mitigation program designed for his/her precise location and unique circumstances. In other words, what risks do I face and what can I do about them?

The Provident Prepper walks through each step of emergency preparedness and clearly explores possible options, allowing the reader to discover which options may work best for their specific situation. Each chapter concludes by developing a personalized action plan. Once the book is completed, the reader will have developed a comprehensive preparedness plan, tailored to his/her unique needs and have the knowledge to implement that plan. It is like hiring a personal emergency preparedness consultant.

We invite you to join us on the journey of a lifetime. Take our hand as we guide you step-by-step on the road to preparing for emergencies. Join the ranks of the Provident Preppers who have foresight to carefully provide for the future while enjoying the present. This journey will allow you to develop the self-assurance and skills which will enable you to handle whatever challenges may come your way with confidence. 

Thanks for being part of the solution!