Action Plan – Community

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This worksheet is designed to help readers develop a community action plan using information provided in Chapter 21 (Community) of The Provident Prepper – A Common-Sense Guide to Preparing for Emergencies.

Community Meeting - Copyright Your Family Ark LLCNo matter how well we prepare for possible hazards, if our community is not prepared, we are in trouble. You may not have the ability to motivate your entire city to prepare, but you may have great influence over your neighborhood or social groups. Throughout history people have lived in small groups or tribes, clustering together for protection, friendship, division of labor, food and shared skills. Rarely do you hear of one family intentionally isolating themselves from the group. Banishment is a death sentence. The benefits of the group might mean the difference between life and death.

A group of people will have a variety of necessary skills and resources. It is difficult for one person to have all of the necessary expertise such as; medical, emergency response, communications, small engine repair, carpentry, physical defense, baking, preserving, and gardening. Combine the skills of 10 families and you will be amazed at the diverse skill set you have access to. It would make survival much easier.

The same goes for resources. Financial resources and time allow an inventory of valuable tools to be accumulated. A mature couple in the neighborhood may have acquired many tools, but may not have the physical strength and stamina to make the best use of them. A younger couple may be in the opposite situation, strength and energy, but no money for tools. Working together both can benefit greatly from the relationship.

As a society we have become isolated, living on the same street or apartment building for years and never getting to know our neighbor. This voluntary isolation contributes to lack of a sense of community, depriving folks of great benefits. Life can be much richer when neighbors reach out and get to know one another, help each other, and build relationships.