Action Plan – Emergency Heating

Click here for a PDF copy of Emergency Heating Action Plan

This worksheet is designed to help readers develop an effective emergency heating action plan using information provided in Chapter 14 (Emergency Heating) of The Provident Prepper: A Common-Sense Guide to Preparing for Emergencies.

Creating a micro-environment to keep warm - Copyright Your Family Ark LLCAn earthquake shakes your home on a cold, windy January evening. Your home is in relatively good shape with the exception of a few broken windows, no gas, and no electrical power. You are left without electricity for an undetermined amount of time. It may be hours. It may be weeks. How will you keep your family from freezing?

Taking the time to think through various scenarios is not intended to frighten, but provide opportunities to plan for a variety of possible situations. We cannot anticipate every possible crisis; however, with thoughtful planning we will have the knowledge and resources to survive most of them.

The title of this chapter might be emergency heating, but what our real goal is to keep from freezing until life returns to normal. What risks are you preparing for? How long could you be without power?