Action Plan – Food Storage

Click here for a PDF copy of Food Storage Action Plan

This worksheet is designed to help readers develop an effective food storage action plan using information provided in Chapter 10 (Designer Food Storage Plans) of The Provident Prepper – A Common Sense Guide to Emergency Preparedness.

All is Safely Gathered In “All is safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin” are lyrics from the popular Christian hymn, “Come, Ye Thankful People Come.”  Throughout history people have prepared during the plentiful harvests of fall for the upcoming winter when food would be scarce. Great comfort could be found in stores of food which would see families through the cold winter. Lack of stores could result in hunger, illness and even death before the next harvest.

While winter storms are still an important consideration, our society has a system in place where fresh fruits and vegetables, along with a wide variety of foods, are available year round at local markets. There is little consideration given to preparing for the upcoming winter due to a year round bountiful harvest. This false sense of security may prove to be disastrous.

In addition to winter storms there are other dangers to consider. Natural disasters including; earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, floods, drought, famine and epidemics may strike with little or no warning. Man-made disasters affecting our food supply include; war, terrorism, EMP (electromagnetic pulse), food contamination, riots, civil unrest and the list goes on. We need not look far to see evidence of these dangers throughout the world. The best way to protect our family is to take action personally and store food to save your family from hunger during challenging times.